At meta. we are
fascinated by what’s
possible when digital,
hardware and software
technologies meet.

What makes
us special

We are a trusted innovation and technology development company established in 2014. We deliver a full spectrum of software development and UX/UI services to clients from all over the globe. Our resource pool counts a diverse number of software engineers, technology consultants and creative designers with strong technology skills and business

Along with software development, we are the pioneers in developing innovative, revenue-generating applications, real-time systems, complex algorithms development and IOTs. Our strong methodologies and streamlined delivery model enable us to effectively handle software projects of different scales and complexity.


Over the years, we have accumulated deep Agile expertise and take pride in employing some of the best professionals that consistently contribute to the company’s body of knowledge and work methods. In this section you will find some of the principles of work and development of state of the art technology that we have been refining and improving over time.


Research and UX

At the start of each project, we focus on defining the project requirements and learning about the needs and goals of the end users. Our research encompasses a variety of investigative methods used to add context and insight about the product design and development process. We have borrowed many techniques from academics, scientists and market research to gather and synthesizing critical data to improve usability and business fit.


Minimum Viable Product

We look into building a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) as a validation strategy to avoid the development of products that customers do not want. At this stage we focus on rapidly building a minimum set of features that are enough to deploy the product and test key assumptions about customers’ interactions with the product. This is an iterative process resulting from UX, market research, design and engineering work.


Agile Development

We use time-boxed schedule Sprints of 1-2 weeks following Agile practices, to ensure continuous planning, testing and integration of user feedback during the development process. Our cross-functional teams determine priorities and objectives for each phase of work to quickly create and respond to change and efficiently work with a high degree of collaboration between the client and project teams.


Pilot and Prototyping

Prior to full scale launch of a new product or service, we always experiment and test whether the design, conditions and operational details generate the intended reactions of potential clients and end users. We start this thorough trial process by building a solid prototype (to convince possible investors/customers) and later integrate a pilot in defined settings to test whether our solution solves the initial problem in a real context.


Testing and Deployment

At meta reviewing the product quality not only has a direct impact on how well we do our job, but it’s also a moral obligation to our clients.We conduct a detailed final check before the delivery of the end product/service in order to confirm and guarantee its full functioning and performance,as well as its usability. We have created automated build and deployment processes that enable ongoing feature updates and ensures the product’s stability and scalability.



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